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“Hijabulous: Seeing the Veil Through the Eyes of American Muslim Women”

We’ve received numerous submissions and are excited by the stories that have been shared with us. We are sending out another call for additional stories to balance out what we have thus far. We need more stories from people under the age of 20 and over the age of 40, we’d like to see more stories from non-hijabi’s and former hijabi’s and most importantly we need more stories full of contradictions, complexity and vulnerability irrespective of your hijab wearing or not wearing status.

Announcing a follow up call for personal stories by American Muslim women and their relationships with the Hijab; these stories will be published in a book in the form of an anthology. This book is an opportunity for Muslim women to give their own narratives regarding Hijab and their relationship to it. For too long others have been speaking for the Muslim women and how they feel or ought to feel, whether they should or should not cover, how liberating or oppressive the hijab is. Share your personal story and let others know first hand how a Muslim woman feels about her own hijab.

Who are you? What brought you to wearing it? What is your process of considering to wear it or no longer wear it? What brought you to taking it off? Why do you choose to wear it with that particular style? What influences (personal, social, political, cultural, pop-culture, and religious) have shaped your understanding of hijab and how it has manifested in your life? How do other’s thoughts and stereotypes affect your relationship? We want you to describe, in detail, creatively your relationship with hijab.

This book will allow women to dispel stereotypes seen in media with our own humorous, dramatic, and engaging voices. Through our pieces, women are able to disable people from painting Muslim women in a monolithic brush. We hope to show the humanness and the complexities and nuanced experiences of the woman who has a relationship with the Hijab.

We request that the writing, although non-fiction, be written in a story format, written creatively and not so much an academic or historical essay. We are looking for honest pieces that reflect the complex relationship Muslim women have with the hijab or even just as a Muslimah. Please don’t be scared to show us your vulnerable side!

SUBMISSION RULES: Work submitted must be non-fiction and autobiographical. Author must self-identify as an American Muslim Woman.

WORD COUNT: Word count for submissions must be between 1500 – 4000 words, double-spaced.

DETAILS: Please send your submission and following information by April 30, 2013:

Name (full name)
Contact information (e-mail address/phone number)
Background (ethnic/racial and what Islamic sect you identify with)
Please indicate whether you are a Hijabi, non-Hijabi, contemplating wearing a Hijab, convertible hijabi
Whether Muslim by birth or conversion

DEADLINE: Final story draft due by April 30, 2013. Please attach as a Word document.

CONTACT: For more information please contact Sabeen Shaiq or Sabina Khan-Ibarra at


About hijabulousbooks

To provide an alternative, nuanced and more complete version of the American Muslim hijabi experience by women who have a lived understanding of it as a way to humanize the Muslim woman, dispel stereotypes and minimize the impact of Islamophobia.

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